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If you are looking for a community to learn and practice the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata to achieve great things, welcome home!

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We are a group of kata coaches and learners, and we are here to share. 

If you want to learn, attend a Toyota Kata introduction or find ways to practice,
we can help.

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Join our Kata Community

Our Kata School is founded by coaches with many years experience.

Since the Kata Coaches Dojo World Tour in 2019,  we have met Friday lunchtimes on Zoom to talk about all things Coaching Kata.

In 2021 we added a group for Starter Kata learners.  Want to join the conversaton?  Contact us. 

Kata Together 2024!  Our Summer Kata Together week at Kass Tailored in Mukilteo WA USA  is July 15-19 2024!
Save-me-a-spot no obligation pre-registration is live on EVENTBRITE. 

Pre-register to be first to have a chance to register, and to have a voice in the planning. Let's make it the best ever!

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Scientific Thinking

The Coaching Kata and Improvement Kata are patterns of action and thought that build a metaskill habit of scientific thinking.

The benefits?  You, your team, family, orgainzation, or region will develop and mobilize creative capabilities, confidence and the ability to handle tough challenges. 

Our Videos

Our 4th Anniversary Kata Meet Up is now available on our YouTube channel!  We celebrated 4 years of our Friday zooms with presentations from Tracy Defoe, Mark Rosenthal, Altung Bingin Altintas, Gemma Jones and William Harvey.  Watch it here. 

Our 2022 Kata Geek Meetup where five kata coaches presented their latest insights and questions is 
on our YouTube Channel, view it here