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If you are looking for a community to learn and practice the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata to achieve great things, welcome home!

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We are a group of kata coaches and learners, and we are here to share. 

If you want to learn, attend a Toyota Kata introduction or find ways to practice, we can help.

Visit our learning resource Mural here

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We have a store for KSC logo merchandise at cost in Canadian dollars.  

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Join our Kata Community

Our Kata School is founded by coaches with many years experience.

Since the Kata Coaches Dojo World Tour in 2019,  we have met Friday lunchtimes on Zoom to talk about all things Coaching Kata.

In 2021 we added a group for Starter Kata learners.  Want to join the conversaton?  Contact us. 

Kata Together 2024!  Our Summer Kata Together week at Kass Tailored in Mukilteo WA USA  is July 15-19 2024!

We will be tring new exercises and exploring new areas together. Let's make it the best ever!

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Scientific Thinking

The Coaching Kata and Improvement Kata are patterns of action and thought that build a metaskill habit of scientific thinking.

The benefits?  You, your team, family, orgainzation, or region will develop and mobilize creative capabilities, confidence and the ability to handle tough challenges. 

Our Videos

Mark Rosenthal's What is Kata? presentation was recorded for you. Watch it and send in comments. 

We have a Youtube Channel.


Follow us for recorded sessions and more. 
For example, our "4 years of Friday zooms" celebration with Tracy Defoe, Mark Rosenthal, Altung Bingin Altintas, Gemma Jones and William Harvey.  Watch it here. 

Join us for Kata Together 2024!  July 15-19th

Our in-person learning event, KATA TOGETHER at Kaas Tailored in Mukilteo WA USA is July 15th to 19th 2024.  

What do we plan as our steps, and what do we expect?

Coaches Tracy Defoe, Mark Rosenthal, Gemma Jones, Maria Grzanka and Tilo Schwarz are planning a week of new experiences, and a wide range of kata practice for everyone.  

  • We plan to refresh or build kata references and skills all week.
  • We plan a range of experiences from kata basics to coaching microskills. Like what?
    • recognizing the Threshold of Knowledge
    • reflecting on our own mindset on Monday vs Friday
    • resetting or refreshing our Improvement Kata / Coaching Kata foundations
    • grasping the current condition of a moving, live process together
    • observing and drawing block diagrams of live processes in Kaas Tailored 
    • practicing our coaching microskills in the Kata Coaching Dojo
    • considering the role and microskills of the 2nd coach
    • using the framework of the Coaching Kata questions away from the storyboard, in meetings and conversations.
  • We have more 'in motion' activities than ever before!
  • Have something to share?  We have a spot on the agenda just for participant sharing.
  • Working on really reflecting and getting deeper?  We have a plan for that, too. 
  • What's next?  We plan to send you home with a challenge and a plan. 
  • Kata Together is a friendly learning event with a Welcome Reception, bonfire at Mukilteo beach and breakfasts and lunches together. 

More on the ticket website.  Register here while we have a spot for you.

Learning and Sharing Together

Connect with our Kata Community

Whether you are learning with an organization or getting started on your own, being part of a community is great!  Being part of a generous community of people at all levels of experience in skill means you will have a peer group, and mentor to help you in your learning.  

We aim to be a go-to place for resources, advice and training. We match coaches with learners, and the curious with information and stories.

Many of our coaches including Tracy Defoe, Maria Gzanka, Gemma Jones, Jennifer Ayers are active coaches in Kata Girl Geeks. The KGG is an online community where women support women in learning the Starter Kata. 
Email Gemma@katagirlgeeks.com for more info on this growing community.


Come learn with us! 

Drop in zoom community calls for Starter Kata and for experienced coaches are 30 minutes each, every Friday over the noon hour,  Pacific time. Get in touch for the registration links to our free Kata School Cascadia community zooms. 

Email info@kata-school-cascadia.org


Upcoming Training and Events


Infusing Change and Toyota Kata in the Organization with Mark Rosenthal 

So many people ask about ways to introduce and spread change - or kata. This free live event was recorded!  Check back for news that the recording is available. 


What is Kata? with Gemma Jones

Get tickets here by donation

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